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APCA members protesting against ban on Flavored Tobacco Sale hearing in Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors meeting on June 13th 2017
Legislative News
APCA Leads The Charge To Beat Bill SB-1400
Legislative News

APCA Fresno Board members and retailers protesting against CUP bill in Fresno City.


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We educate our members regarding new legislations and organize members to attend hearings. We write letters to legislatures and assure that your voice is heard!
Why Work With APCA

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2019 Trade Show on September 25th at Pasadena Convention center, Pasadena, Los Angeles
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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at APCA is to assist Convenience Store and Gas Station Owners in increasing their…

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APCA Structure

Complete democratic organization with heavy emphasis on grass root movement…

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Active APCA

Leaders within Convenience store industry from through out the state.

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Welcome to APCA

APCA was formed to unite independent gasoline and convenience store owners. APCA is a group of business owners who are in the convenience store industry to learn, grow, and succeed! Based on a cursory survey of independent owners of gasoline service store and convenience store owners we found that these owners were being under-represented at regulatory institutions in city, County and State agencies. Decisions are being made, and laws being created at various regulatory institutions that are affecting the business model of these owners without adequate input in the proposed regulations and rules. Current market place associations appeared to be focusing on the needs of larger grocers or oil companies, rather than smaller independent retailers. In 2012, a few leaders within the business community came together to evaluate the need for such an organization and realized the need for APCA. APCA hopes to be a grass roots organization providing representation to small independent gasoline and convenience store owners.

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