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Sacramento Trade Show on September 20th at Mirage Banquet Halls

Glimpses of Sacramento Chapter


Senator Bill Dodd Gives APCA a Certificate of Recognition

In late April, APCA held a Northern California chapter meeting during which APCA received a Certificate of Recognition from Senator Bill Dodd. Other notable events include top officials from ABC educating APCA Members as well great legislative discussions.  Please see videos and pictures of the event below.

3rd Buyers Trade Show – September 20th 2017 – Sacramento, CA

Check back soon for details.

SCAM ALERT! Gas Pump Scam

When pumping gas, most people are busy watching out for our surroundings such that we don’t pay attention to the pump itself. This little scam is quick and easy and a lot of us probably wouldn’t even notice. I don’t think I would.

2nd Buyer’s Trade Show in Fresno, CA September 21st, 2016

2nd Buyer’s Trade Show in Fresno, CA

September 21st, 2016.

Sacramento Chapter Event on July 29, 2016.

Invitation to Attend APCA –Sacramento Chapter Event…

Common Sense Menu-Labeling Legislation Comes to Congress

Pepsi Reformulates Diet Soda

New version of Diet Pepsi will be free…